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You will find a variety of different styles and themes. My artwork, as I am sure with other artists varies on my mood or what is affecting me at that moment. Images on this site are NOT part of public domain and they are copyrighted through the US Copyright Office. So, please do not copy or download them I would appreciate that very much. I am the original designer of these designs and you may find other sites that are illegally selling my work. If you do let me know. Thanks.

Currently, I am focusing my artwork on contestant game show wear. It has been a hoot designing for this genre and to think up clever humorous sayings. If you got one let me know. Or if you need anything special let me know! If you are reading this you are probably planning a trip to the show soon and my advice for being selected as a contestant is to arrive early and be extremely enthusiastic.

If you do get chosen as a contestant because you are wearing one of my designs do contact me so I can keep track as to what is working and what is not I would appreciate that.

Good News! Laura was chosen on 10/03/2017 TPIR broadcast because of my unique “Popeye Drew T shirt” and she made it all the way to the Big Wheel. How exciting was that!

Me??? Well, I’m just a retired grandma who has an artsy-fartsy personality (teen of the 70’s). If I wasn’t doing this I’d be crocheting or sewing but you know as you get older the hands have a tendency to give out (and craft materials are becoming so expensive) so this t-shirt designing thing serves its purpose and is a great outlet for me. In other words it keeps this granny out of mischief and is a pleasant deterrent from baking cookies, sweet treats and playing casino games to while the time away.

I’m self-taught and constantly working to perfect my skills, learning new techniques, marketing strategies and constantly improving my artwork along the way is how I am spending my days of late.

Currently, I am designing contestant wear for LED flashing light-up t shirts and I just  located a manufacturer to mass produce them. Once I secure a manufacturer the price will come down significantly.

Well, thanks for coming by and "Good Luck To You On The Show!"

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